Satadhar is situated at around 45 miles from the city of Junagadh towards Tulsi Shyam in Gir forest. The tourists can reach Satadhar by hired cars or taxis or State Transport buses from all the major cities of the Gujarat State. There are no temples here at Satadhar but there is a Samadhi and the holy sit of the great Giga Bapu. The pilgrims come here and perform the darshanas of these holy remembrance places of the great Saint Giga Bapu. The Saint Giga Bapu was born here at Satadhar who had a strong belief in the human beings and started serving the food to the poor people at the young age of fourteen years. Whatever small amount he earned through his hard labor work, he spent it in giving the food items to the poor and needy people. Gradually, the importance of this place went on increasing and soon the flow of pilgrims started from all over the country. It is said that if you express any wish here at the Samadhi of the holy Saint Giga Bapu and pray with your heart, your wish gets fulfilled very soon. Lot of married and childless couples come here specifically to pray for the child at this holy spot. Saint Giga Bapu took the Samadhi here at Satadhar at a very old age after giving very long service to the community and society. The sit on which he was sitting during his life time is still kept as his remembrance. The free food is served here at all times all throughout the year. All the pilgrims feel really happy in accepting the simple Prasad of Saint Gigabapu with love, respect, and faith towards this great Saint. The morning and evening arti rituals are really worth attending here. At present, Saint Jivraj Bapu, the third generation of Saint Giga Bapu lives here still serving the poor and needy people in the same way as Saint Gigabapu. There is a small market at Satadhar that has few shops selling the religious items like rudrax malas, photos of the Saints, and the ancient religious books. The tea with snack is served to all the pilgrims in the morning till around 10 am. The simple Gujarati lunch is served from 11 am to 1 pm. The afternoon tea is served at around 4 pm and finally, the simple traditional Gujarati dinner is served at 7 pm to all the visitors free of cost at this temple.

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