Muchkand Cave

Muchkand Cave

Famous place where Krishna ran and came from Mathura after which he was named as Ranchod Rai. His enemy Kal Yavan was following him. The puranic story goes like this : King Muchkand, a spiritual king had renounced the worldly desires and become a Seer (Rishi) Muchkand. He used to meditate in a small cave. He had acquired the power in his sight such that whoever he would see on opening his eyes, would get burnt to ashes. Lord Krishna was escaping from his enemy Kal Yavan. He came to the cave where Rishi Muchkand was meditating. Lord Krishna threw his blanket over the meditating Rishi and hid in a corner of the cave. Kal Yavan entered the cave following Lord Krishna, saw his blanket covering a person and drew the blanket. Rishi Muchkand’s meditation broke and he saw Kal Yavan. A beam of fire went straight from his eyes to Kal Yavan burning him to ashes. Thereafter, he was very much pleased to see Lord Krishna visiting him and both had a good time together. There is a Shiv Linga established by Rishi Muchkand known as Muchkand Mahadev. The cave also has a temple of Lord Krishna and another Shiv Linga established by Lord Krishna.

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