Gayatri Shaktipith Temple

Gayatri Shaktipith Temple

Based on the principles of Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, of Gayatri Pragnapith at Haridwar, this small temple of Gayatri Mata was founded by the modern devotee poet Gunvantray Pandya (“Pathik” ji). Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, in order to bring renaissance established Gayatri Pragnapith at Haridwar which spreads the Vaidik Religion of Gayatri worship and Gayatri Yagna’s. In the seventh decade of the twentieth century, many Gayatri worshippers used to practice weekly Yagna’s and other social activities. Gayatri Parivar was established in almost every town of Gujarat. At that time Junagadh Gayatri Parivar made a resolution to build a temple of goddess Gayatri and the resolution was sent for approval to Haridwar. After due approval, the work of building the temple was taken on hand and it was completed in 1978. The temple has three domes of lotus shape and situated on a height of about 50 steps.

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District - Junagadh
State - Gujarat
Country - India

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